Word Task 1


In 1111 Santa Claus Senior was 345 years old, and his son Santa Claus Junior was 111 years old. In which year will Santa Claus Senior be twice as old as Santa Claus Junior?


Word Task 2


There are 20 baubles, 15 angels and 3 chains on a Christmas Tree. Unfortunately, John opens the door and BOOM! A half of the baubles break and so do 5 angels less than the baubles. How many ornaments are there on the Christmas Tree now?


Word Task 3


Christmas Eve in 2007 was on Monday. What day of the week will it be in 2013?


Word Task 4


Christmas is coming. The Kowalskis want to send postcards to their family. They buy 9 postcards each one 1.25 PLN and stamps for all the postcards, each 2.40 PLN. How much money do they spend on sending Christmas greetings?


Word Task 5


Nine Santa Clauses give 60 presents in 30 minutes. How many presents will 30 Santa Clauses give in 3 hours.




will be – będzie, będą itp

was – był

twice – dwa razy

less - mniej